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DockerCon is actively working to improve opportunities for women and underrepresented minorities throughout the global ecosystem and promote diversity in the larger tech community.This year we are excited to launch our DockerCon Gives Back initiative and continue the DockerCon Diversity Scholarship program.

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DockerCon Gives Back

This year at DockerCon, Docker is recognizing four organizations that are doing outstanding work locally in Austin and globally. Attendees at the show will have the chance to connect and support these great organizations:

NetHope: NetHope empowers committed organizations to improve the world through the power of technology. NetHope, a consortium of 50-plus global nonprofits, unites with technology companies and funding partners to design, fund, implement, adapt and scale innovative approaches to solve development, humanitarian and conservation challenges. Together, the NetHope community strives to transform the world, building a platform of hope for those who receive aid and those who deliver it.

STEMed: STEMed Labs prepares students to be the innovators of tomorrow by providing individualized, project based experiences that not only increase their interest in STEM, but also instill in them the motivation for sustainable, self-driven learning outside of the classroom.

Out Youth: For 27 years, Out Youth has provided LGBTQ+ youth with the programs and services they need to grow into happy, healthy, and successful adults. But, what we’ve always done best is offer our youth and their families a second home, a place where they are loved, acknowledged, and accepted for EXACTLY who they are.

Operation Code: Operation Code's mission is to help transitioning service members, veterans, and their families learn software development, enter the tech industry, and code the future!

DockerCon Scholarship Recipients

Recipients of the DockerCon Diversity Scholarship received a conference pass, full travel, lodging and an on-site mentorship with a Docker team member.

Meet this year’s DockerCon scholarship recipients:

Briana Eng

I'm currently a student at Ada Developers Academy and a software engineering intern at Concur. Previously, I worked in crisis communications for a tech company and dealt with a lot of security issues/vulnerabilities, which is what got me interested in learning how to program. Between juggling school and work, I'm having fun picking up Python and Go. A classmate and I just started the Seattle chapter of Women Who Go! I'm excited to learn from the experts here at DockerCon and see the breadth of what Docker can do through all the different use cases! I'm thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to learn more about what has become such a ubiquitous platform in just 4 years.

Freddie Vargus

I'm from Medford, MA. I'm currently a junior at Boston University, studying Computer Science. My main interests are mainly in software engineering, quant finance, and machine learning, but I'm curious about networks and distributed systems. In my spare time, I enjoy playing soccer, catching up with friends, and attending meetups in the Boston & Cambridge tech community. I'm a rap & hip-hop music lover and am currently learning how to speak Mandarin Chinese. I'm excited about DockerCon because it's a great opportunity to learn more about what awesome things people are doing with Docker, how I can utilize Docker to help further my future endeavors, and maybe pickup some knowledge on networks as they relate to software infrastructure. I also want to find other people that interested in talking about ways we can better encourage students to contribute to open source software.

Kim Russell

Kim loves to learn, is never afraid to ask questions, and has yet to meet a cat she didn’t like (and probably adopt). She has worked in Software Quality since 1998 mainly for small businesses in Portland, Oregon. As the mom of a 5-year old girl, she spends most of her spare time with her family dressing up as royalty, hosting tea parties, building Star Wars LEGO kits, and conducting home science experiments! I have two reasons for wanting to attend DockerCon. First, I want to gain a fundamental understanding of Docker to help me get going in my new role in DevOps. Second, as a Quality Engineer, I notice that many QA teams use more traditional test practices that may not adapt well to a container based architecture. I want to learn from companies that are using Docker in Production and hear how their QA teams adapt to keep pace with new architecture and deployment practices.

Sharanya Devaraj

I am a Computer Science Graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with keen interests in the fields of Operating Systems, Distributed Systems and Containerization technology. I interned with Amazon EC2 Container Services team during Summer 2016, where I worked on Docker Image Cleanup. Thus, my experience with Docker ranges from working on projects as part of academics to industry. I am excited to attend the talks, BoF sessions, meet and network with folks, learn their experiences with Docker and share mine with them.

Jenny Lian

I am now in my last year of studies at University of British Columbia, and I look forward to using Docker throughout my career as a software developer. I first heard about Docker at LinuxCon. Although I was first attracted to it because of the cuteness of Moby Dock, but later I became a loyal Docker enthusiast because of its technical capabilities. Outside of school and programming, I really like to cook delicious and healthy meals. I want to write a cookbook one day about healthy eating and meal prepping for busy software developers.