moby mingle

Welcome to Moby Mingle, the matchmaking platform designed to help you meet and learn from other DockerCon participants! Find like-minded people interested in sharing knowledge face to face, one-on-one.

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Introducing Moby Mingle 

If you’re pumped about all the things you learn and all the people you meet at Docker events, you’re going to love what we have planned for you at this year’s DockerCon! With more than 5000 attendees, there will be a wealth of knowledge in the room, ready to be shared, explored and cultivated. This year we’re going to draw on the power of the DockerCon crowd to open-source the attendee experience and bring the focus of the conference back to our users. Every attendee has different experiences, backgrounds, and interests to share. The trick becomes finding the right individual, with the specific knowledge you’re looking for.

So we’re excited to give everyone at DockerCon access to a tool called #MobyMingle to connect with people who share the same Docker use cases, topic of interests or hack ideas, or even your favorite TV shows. So no matter where you’re traveling from or how many people you know before the conference, we will make sure you end up feeling at home!

Using a web based platform, you’re able to build a profile, set goals around what you want to get out of Dockercon, and then make Offers and Requests to help you achieve those goals. In practice, attendees will use the platform to identify other attendees they want to meet with 1 on 1 or as a group and then check-in onsite at the Moby Mingle lounge. You can access Moby Mingle here and login using your credentials you created during the DockerCon registration process.