The DockerCon Review Committee has been working hard to build a bigger and better program that reflects the diversity of the Docker ecosystem and community. From Docker use cases at large enterprises and innovative corporations, to advanced technical talks and hands-­on lab tutorials, DockerCon will have sessions adapted to every expertise levels and domain of interests. Each conference day will start with a general session in the morning, followed by breakout tracks.

Black Belt

Black Belt talks are deeply technical sessions presented by Docker experts. Attendees of this track are looking for advanced technical deep dives. These sessions are code and demo heavy and light on the slides. From container internals to advanced container orchestration, security and networking, this track should delight the container connoisseurs in the room.

Past sessions from this track include:

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Use Case

Use case talks are about practical applications of Docker. Attendees are looking for lessons learned and reference architectures from companies which have a lot of experience running Docker in production. Use case sessions are heavy on technical detail and implementation advice.

Past sessions from this track include:

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Using Docker NEW TRACK!

This track is for everyone who’s getting started with Docker or wants to better implement Docker in their workflow. Whether you’re a .NET, Java or NodeJS developer looking to modernizing your applications, or an IT Pro who wants to learn about Docker orchestration and application troubleshooting, this track will have specific sessions for you to get up to speed with Docker.

This year's sessions


Docker for DevsJohn Zaccone, IBM

In this talk John Zaccone will present tips and best practices for developing dockerized applications. We will start with the simple question: "Why Docker?", then dive into practical knowledge for developers to apply on their own. John will cover best practices concerning Dockerfiles and the best tools to use for developing. We will also talk about the "hand-off" between developer and operations and how the two roles can work together to address broad issues such as CI/CD and security. After John's talk, stay tuned for Scott Coulton's talk that will dive deeper into Docker for Ops.

Docker for OpsScott Coulton, Puppet

In this talk Scott Coulton will take you through Docker's cluster solution Swarm mode with his operations hat on. We will start from the beginning by describing what swarm mode is, what it does, and how it works behind the scenes. From there, we will look at very basic configurations of Swarm mode from the point of view of the operations team as well as a production-ready workflow including deployments of the cluster, logging and CD best practices. Attendees will be able to apply their learnings to their use cases. 

Docker for Java Developers - Arun Gupta, Couchbase | Fabiane Nardon, Tail Target

Docker provides PODA (Package Once Deploy Anywhere) and complements WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere) provided by Java. It also helps you reduce the impedance mismatch between dev, test, and production environment and simplifies Java application deployment. In this talk, Arun Gupta, Java Champion and Docker Captain and Fabiane Nardon, Java Champion, will explain how to run and package your Java application with Docker including sharing your Java application using Docker Hub. In addition they will cover:

Docker Deep Dive ENHANCED TRACK!

This track focuses on the technical details associated with the different components of the Docker platform: advanced orchestration, networking, security, storage, management and plug-ins. The Docker engineering leads will walk you through the best way to build, ship and run distributed applications with Docker as well as give you a hint at what’s on their roadmaps.

Past sessions from this track include:

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Community Theater

Located in the Ecosystem Expo, the Community Theater will feature cool Docker hacks and lightning talks by various community members on a range of topics. Lightning talks will be chosen from the open Call for Proposals and curated by the Docker team.

Past sessions from this track include:

Expected Topics: